Class Painting 101: Getting Started with Gouache
Class Painting 101: Getting Started with Gouache

Painting 101: Getting Started with Gouache

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Welcome to the newest segment of our Painting 101 class series! Curated specifically for those who are starting brand-new with Gouache, this class series will provide all the basics any newbies should know when getting started.

In this particular class, we will learn essential things about gouache paints and how to use them, along with basic techniques. We will also make 2 fun projects using the products and techniques featured in the class. Come join us in this fun craft beginner class!

Instructors: Tania Ahmed

This is an independent class:  enjoy the lesson at your convenience!

  • Students will enjoy lifetime access to all the class materials after signing up for the class.
  • Enjoy exclusive class contents whenever, wherever, and how many times you'd like!

Class Features:

  • One in-depth, step by step video tutorial with an exclusive project
  • Take the class at your convenience, anytime, anywhere!
  • Inspiration filled high-quality project photos

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Customer Reviews

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I got the...
Painting 101: Getting Started with Gouache

Great introduction to using the gouache set and having an idea of where to begin creating.

Gwen S.
Intro to Gouache With Play! 4.45*****

Tania’s soothing voice had me dozing off during the vid so I replayed it twice before seeing the entire class. 😉 The inspiring paintings and swatching instructions were very helpful. It took me the third replayed time to realized that the items in ochre were links to view the products and paintings or cards created with them. But I was left wondering why the use of the round brush instead of the flats; is it due to the largely floral nature of your work/ subjects?!? Thank you so much for this motivating course to apply to my previously purchased, but unused gouache 12 tube set. Happy New Year to you all in 2024! Glad to hear about your collaboration with Lindsay; she rocks as a teacher! 🎆✨💜☯️💕

Painting 101

I enjoyed watching this video. I just received a set of gouache & am eager to try them.