Creativity Kit Bundle Creative Essentials Starter Pack
Creativity Kit Bundle Creative Essentials Starter Pack
Creativity Kit Bundle Creative Essentials Starter Pack
Creativity Kit Bundle Creative Essentials Starter Pack
Creativity Kit Bundle Creative Essentials Starter Pack
Creativity Kit Bundle Creative Essentials Starter Pack
Creativity Kit Bundle Creative Essentials Starter Pack
Creativity Kit Bundle Creative Essentials Starter Pack
Creativity Kit Bundle Creative Essentials Starter Pack
Creativity Kit Bundle Creative Essentials Starter Pack

Creative Essentials Starter Pack

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Altenew's Creative Essentials Starter Kit is your ultimate companion for unleashing your creative potential! This all-inclusive kit has everything you need to embark on a captivating creative journey. Whether you are a seasoned artist or just starting, this kit is designed to inspire and empower your imagination.

This kit includes:

1. Monochrome Shading Pencils: Explore the world of art with this woodless graphite pencil set! This set includes 5 woodless graphite pencils with different hardness levels: 2H, HB, 4B, 6B, and 10B. These versatile pencils allow you to create both wide, sweeping strokes and intricate details by using their side or sharpening them to a fine point. Plus, they come in a handy metal case for easy storage and portability.

2. Retractable Eraser: Effortlessly erase with our artists' Retractable Eraser! This convenient tool comes in a pen-shaped casing with a sturdy white eraser inside. It guarantees clean erasing without tearing or leaving residue on your work. With a simple click on the plastic tab, you can easily advance or retract the eraser. Moreover, it's perfect for conditioning your stamps. Each eraser measures 2.9" x 0.4" x 0.4" for easy storage with your art supplies. Enjoy smooth and precise erasing with this handy retractable eraser!

3. Classic Crest Solar White Cardstock (10 sheets/set) (80lb): Introducing our premium quality paper, perfect for your creative projects! Each pack contains 10 sheets, sized at 8.5" x 11" with a weight of 80lb. The elegant Classic Crest Solar White color provides a stunning canvas for your artwork. Lightweight at only 0.40lb, it's easy to carry and store. Plus, it's proudly made in the USA, ensuring top-notch quality and environmental responsibility. Unleash your creativity with this exceptional paper!

4. Woodless Coloring Pencils: Discover our new Woodless Coloring Pencils - the perfect addition to our coloring collection! This set features 32 pre-sharpened, vibrant colors that complement our ink families. Achieve stunning blends and gradients as you color your favorite images or create your own masterpiece. Let your creativity soar with this diverse and exciting set of pencils!

5. Fine Liner Pen Set: Upgrade your art supplies with our special Fine Liner Pens! This set includes three fine liners and one brush pen, all filled with waterproof jet black ink. They perfectly complement watercolor and other water-based mediums, and are great with our Artist Markers too. Whether you're drawing, writing, or journaling, these high-quality pens are a must-have addition to your collection. Sizes: 005, 01, 02, Brush.

With the Creative Essentials Starter Kit in your hands, there are no limits to your artistic endeavors. From sketching and shading to coloring and detailing, this kit is designed to spark your creativity and help you explore a wide range of artistic styles. Unleash your imagination and get started on your creative journey today with the Creative Essentials Starter Kit!

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Why Buy This
  • Versatile Techniques: Grow your skills as a starting artist with drawing, coloring, and outlining techniques.
  • All-in-One Convenience: Find everything you need to experiment and learn without the hassle of searching for individual supplies.
  • Quality Learning: The included items are specially curated by art experts to help beginners as you learn and practice essential artistic skills in a supportive and enjoyable way.
  • Affordable Investment: Start your art journey without breaking the bank!
  • Inspiration On-the-Go: The portable kit enables you to practice and create art wherever inspiration strikes!
  • Stunningly Consistent Results: These are high-quality supplies offered at a beginner-friendly price. With this kit, you can achieve results that mirror those of seasoned artists, giving your beginner artwork a professional touch!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

"Shading pencils" refer to pencils specifically designed for creating shading and tonal variations in artwork. These pencils come in various degrees of hardness, allowing you to achieve different levels of darkness and texture in your drawing and shading.

As for suitability, these shading pencils are well-suited for both beginners and more experienced artists. They offer beginners an excellent opportunity to learn and practice sketching and shading techniques easily.

The letters and numbers on shading pencils, such as 2H, HB, 4B, and so on, indicate their hardness or softness and their tonal values. "H" stands for "hard," meaning they have harder graphite cores, which produce lighter and crisper lines. The higher the number (e.g., 2H, 4H), the finer and lighter the pencil.

On the other hand, "B" stands for "black" or "soft." Pencils with a "B" designation have softer graphite cores, producing darker and smoother lines. Again, the higher the number (e.g., 4B, 6B), the softer and darker the pencil.

"HB" stands for "hard black," as it's a middle-ground pencil that combines the qualities of both H and B pencils. It's a versatile choice for general writing and drawing. All in all, the choice of pencil for different shading techniques depends on the effect you want to achieve.

We designed the retractable eraser for ease of use and convenience. The eraser is housed within a pen-shaped casing. You'll find a plastic tab on the side to extend the eraser. To erase, simply hold the case like a pen and apply gentle pressure to the eraser tip on your paper. The eraser will provide clean and precise erasing without tearing your paper or leaving smudges!

Yes, the Classic Crest Solar White Cardstock included in our artist's starter kit is suitable for various artistic mediums, both dry and wet. Its high-quality texture and weight make it versatile and accommodating for different techniques.

With this kit, as a beginner, you can dive into shading and blending using shading pencils, create intricate line art with fine liner pens, explore vibrant coloring and layering with woodless coloring pencils, and even experiment with light watercolor effects on our versatile cardstock. Whether you're outlining, shading, coloring, or mixing techniques, this kit offers a fun and diverse way to start your artistic journey!

Customer Reviews

Based on 25 reviews
Susan Higgins
Love these Pens

These pens are the perfect sizes to complete a line that didn’t stamp exactly right, draw a delicate design, or design a balloon string curling down. They are exactly what I’ve needed for years. So glad I found them at Altenew.

C Bass
Great additions to my collection of pens!

Fine line versatility!

Candy Lutes
Artist fine markets

I like these pens for lots of reasons , if a stand doesn’t stamp solid you can fill it in with these and it is perfect.
Great for just writing in the card also

Cheri Johnston

This is my second time purchasing these pens. I use the all the time!!

Helen B
From Lines to Strokes

What I like most about this set is the ability to add varying degrees of fine lines, script, and brush strokes. The possibilities of crosshatching and or shading images is a genuine benefit.

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