Alcohol Inks

Refresh your dry alcohol markers or explore the magical world of alcohol ink art. If your Alcohol Markers start to dry out, streak, or have difficulty blending, then now may be time to refill them! Plus you can use our alcohol inks on their own.

Alcohol Ink Galactic Stream Alcohol Ink
Alcohol Ink Galactic Stream Alcohol Ink
Alcohol Ink Galactic Stream Alcohol Ink

Galactic Stream Alcohol Ink

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If your Altenew Artist Markers start to dry out, streak, or have difficulty blending, it is time to refill them. You can also use this alcohol ink for ink splatter techniques and more in your craft room!

Refilling is easy:

  • Carefully remove brush nib with a pair of tweezers by applying gentle pressure and pulling straight out
  • Position the tip of the refill bottle right above the open barrel of the marker
  • Fill the marker with 8-10 drops, being careful not to overfill
  • Reinsert the old nib or replace it with a new nib

Each refill bottle contains 30ml of the alcohol-based solution and can refill each marker up to 10 times. In addition to refilling your Artist Markers, our refills are great for many alcohol ink techniques!


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Linda Fields
New to Altenew Alcohol Inks

I'm no stranger to using the Tim Holtz line of Alcohol inks, I was excited to try Altenew's brand since the inks are not only refill bottles for the markers (which I own) but they're also a better buy for your money since you get so much more compared to the other brand. While I have not tried all the colors for creating alcohol ink paintings, I can tell you these inks are different. I don't know if the pigment ratio is different or if the color process is different or what but I've noticed I don't get the same amount of tonal variations from these inks as I did with the other brand. This isn't necessarily a bad thing - it depends on what you're trying to achieve with your piece so I still feel these are great. I noticed the lighter toned colors deliver less tonal variations compared to the deeper, darker, richer ink colors. I'm excited to try using both the Alternew and Tim Holtz brands together for I feel they balance out what the other is missing. I highly recommend the Altenew Alcohol Inks and discover a whole other world of color!