20 Acrylic Painting Ideas to Try On Your Next Project

Are you a budding artist, eager to dip your brush into the colorful world of acrylic painting? Or perhaps you're an experienced artist looking for some fresh inspiration? No matter your level of expertise, you've come to the right place! 

An acrylic painting of the sunset

In this blog post, we'll explore 20 acrylic painting ideas that are perfect for beginners and seasoned artists alike. Whether you're in search of easy acrylic painting ideas to kickstart your creative journey or seeking acrylic paint ideas that are beginner-friendly, we've got you covered. Let's dive into the vibrant world of acrylics and unleash your inner artist!

Is Acrylic Paint Good for Beginners?

Compared to other mediums like oil paint, acrylic paint is an excellent choice for beginners in the world of art. Acrylic paint dries relatively quickly compared to oil paints. This means you can work on your art without waiting for extended periods between layers or to make corrections, making it more forgiving for beginners.

Moreover, acrylic paints can be used on a variety of surfaces, including canvas, paper, wood, and even fabric. This versatility allows beginners to explore different mediums without the need for multiple types of paint. You don't even need to start with a lot of expensive supplies! All you need are some acrylic paints in primary colors and black and white colors, some brushes, and a container of water. 

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Like watercolors, acrylics are water-based, which means they can be thinned and cleaned up easily with water. This makes them more user-friendly and less toxic than oil paints, which require solvents for thinning and cleaning. Acrylic paints also offer a range of beginner-friendly products, such as pre-mixed acrylic sets, acrylic mediums for texture and special effects, and easy-to-follow tutorials readily available online. 

20 Easy Acrylic Paintings to Start Your Journey

Ready to start painting your future with acrylics? If you're a beginner, you might be wondering what you should start painting first. Well, you're in luck! We've curated a list of 20 easy acrylic paintings that are perfect for those taking their first steps in this vibrant medium. 

Whether you're looking for simple yet stunning ideas to practice or just want to unwind with a creative project, these paintings are designed to inspire and guide you. So, grab your brushes, acrylic paints, and canvas, and let's dive into these beginner-friendly acrylic painting ideas:

1. Colorful Birch Trees

Create a striking forest scene with vibrant birch trees against a gradient background. 

2. Starry Night Sky

Create a striking forest scene with vibrant birch trees against a gradient background. 

3. Silhouette Cityscape

Experiment with silhouettes by depicting a cityscape during sunset. 

4. Blooming Flowers

Explore the beauty of nature by painting a bouquet of your favorite flowers. They don’t need to be realistic, you can make blobs, swirls, and dots to mimic petals and colors.  

A beautiful floral painting made with acrylic paint

5. Abstract Geometric Patterns

Let your creativity flow with a colorful abstract piece using geometric shapes.

6. Underwater Adventure

Dive into the depths of the ocean with a marine-themed painting featuring fish and coral reefs.

7. Autumn Leaves

Capture the essence of fall by painting a tree adorned with rich, warm-colored leaves.

8. Beach Sunset

An acrylic painting idea involving a beautiful beach sunset with palm tree silhouettes

Transport yourself to a serene beach with a sunset scene featuring the ocean and palm trees.

9. Whimsical Clouds

Create a dreamy landscape with fluffy clouds against a pastel sky. 

10. Lighthouse by the Sea

Paint a picturesque coastal scene with a charming lighthouse overlooking the water.

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11. Cherry Blossom Tree

Embrace the delicate beauty of cherry blossoms in full bloom! Using your brush, make fine, intersecting black lines, then add pink leaves with a dabbing motion.

A gorgeous acrylic painting of a cherry blossom tree

12. Mountain Lake

Craft a tranquil mountain landscape with a serene lake and towering peaks.

13. Enchanted Forest

Transport yourself to a mystical realm by painting an enchanting forest scene. Use deep, earthy tones for the trees and add hints of magical elements like glowing mushrooms to make your forest come alive. 

14. Birds on a Wire

Explore minimalism by painting silhouetted birds perched on electrical wires.

A silhouette acrylic painting of some birds on a wire

15. Hot Air Balloons

Create a whimsical scene with a colorful hot air balloon floating in the sky. 

16. Rainy Day Umbrellas

Capture the romance of a rainy day with a painting of colorful umbrellas.

17. Vintage Bicycle

Paint a charming vintage bicycle against a rustic backdrop.

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18. Desert Sunset

Explore the beauty of arid landscapes with a desert sunset painting.

19. Fireflies in a Jar

Craft a magical scene with fireflies captured in a glowing jar.

An acrylic painting of some fireflies in a jar

20. Abstract Sunset

Let your imagination run wild with a bold, abstract interpretation of a sunset! 

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Fill Your Canvas Today With These Easy Acrylic Paint Ideas!

Overall, these easy acrylic painting ideas are not only enjoyable but also perfect for building your confidence as a beginner artist. Feel free to modify and personalize them to suit your style. Remember, the most important thing is to have fun and let your creativity shine. For more acrylic painting tips + mistakes you need to avoid as a beginner, browse our other articles on the same topic. Happy painting!