The Artist Behind the Art: Sofía’s Sensational Gouache Pieces

"Do not be discouraged by its ability to be reactivated with water, use this as a strength! Once you learn how the paint behaves and you start to move with it and not against it you can actually loosen up and feel very free to go with the flow." - Sofía’s advice to gouache beginners

It takes a certain amount of skill and passion for the arts to produce serene depictions of beautiful landscapes, amazing renditions of nature, or gorgeous portraits of human subjects. 

Sofía is a skillful and passionate artist, whose vibrant paintings bring happiness and inspiration to her impressive social followings.

Gouache paintings of two iconic movie scenes by Sofia

Two Iconic Movies by Sofia

For someone who produces such masterpieces, you’d think Sofía has been living and breathing art ever since. However, this talented artist shares that although she enjoyed art from a young age, her love for creatives is something she slowly rekindled.

“I went down a very different career path, I studied International Relations! I actually stopped doing art in Sixth Form (UK equivalent of high school). I only started picking it back up very casually years later because I needed a creative outlet, and slowly it became a very big part of my life.”

After rediscovering her love for painting, Sofía decided to share her artistic journey with a bigger audience. 

She uploads “paint with me” sessions on her YouTube channel, documenting the process and sharing insightful tips, which has greatly inspired and encouraged her viewers to start their own art journeys.

Sofia's gouache orange-themed spread

An Orange-Themed Spread by Sofia

“I love creating vibrant illustrations and I’m always wanting to explore different subjects. I love doing nature studies of fruit trees, landscapes and plants, and I also love doing portraits. Human faces are so captivating to paint. I want to expand my subjects though, I don’t want to limit myself to only painting certain things.”

Sofía’s quest for new artistic challenges is inspiring. Although she primarily uses gouache in her artwork, she has also explored other mediums. 

So far, she has used alcohol markers, colored pencils, and watercolor paints to give life to her vibrant and stunning pieces. Still, gouache remains a favorite medium of Sofía’s.

“Gouache is the most forgiving and flexible medium I’ve ever tried. The fact that it reactivates with water is so wonderful because it means that if I make mistakes I can rework it and layer more paint, or even blend paint directly on the paper. I also love how vibrant it can be and how matte and opaque it dries, it creates this effect that makes me want to dive right into the finished painting!”

A work in progress sketch by Sofia

Monochrome Portraits by Sofia

When asked about her inspiration, Sofía shared how she’s drawn to the sunlight. 

“Something really inspiring that makes me want to get my paint out immediately is when I see how sunlight hits things and creates the most beautiful contrast between light and shadow. When I see this, I always take a photo to use as a reference!”

She also finds motivation in her fellow creatives—a beautiful sentiment, if you ask us because art is never meant to be boxed up. Instead, art should be admired and, in turn, inspire its viewer to add beauty to the world.

“Other artists inspire me so much too, seeing how they approach creating something is super inspiring because you get to see their artistic language that is unique to them.”
“I love listening to and watching other artists on YouTube while I create. The best thing about having so much artist content online, especially through YouTube, is feeling so accompanied when I put on someone working in their sketchbook while I work on mine. It feels like we are sharing the experience.”
A tiny gouache painting by Sofia

Her inclination towards the arts is primarily thanks to a very supportive figure. Sofía credits her mother for showing her that life is made even more beautiful with art and color.

“My mum has been the biggest influence on my art and my journey as an artist because she taught me how to see the beauty in things around me, to really think like an artist.”
“Thanks to her, I can see a plant leaf, or a bridge, or the way the sun is hitting a bench, and think—Wow! That is beautiful and would be so perfect to paint. It’s the subtle and small things that I notice because of the way she taught me. She would also sit with me for hours when I was younger to draw! So I think I love art because of her influence.”

Sofía’s story is a testament that there is no deadline when it comes to following your dreams and pursuing what brings genuine happiness. Her skill is very much commendable, but Sofía’s commitment to trying out new mediums, seeking out brand-new subjects, and sharing her artistic journey with the world is even more inspiring. 

Get Inspired by Sofía’s Artistic Journey!

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Gouache painting of summer clouds by Sofia

Summer Clouds on Rainy Days by Sofia

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