The Artist Behind the Art: Klaudia’s Journey from Pixels to Pigments

Meet Klaudia “Javvie” Robat, an artist from Kraków, Poland, whose journey from pixels to pigments is nothing short of inspiring. In this edition of Meet the Artist Behind the Art, we delve into Klaudia’s creative world, exploring her artistic influences, favorite mediums, and the advice she has for aspiring artists.

Gouache art by Klaudia Robat featuring an anime-looking girl with long hair, smiling awkwardly

A Passion Ignited

Klaudia’s love for art began at a young age, fueled by her passion for cartoons and comics. Despite her early affinity for drawing, she initially pursued a different path, studying civil engineering. However, the “call of art” proved too strong to resist. 

"I haven’t seen a future in it, so I made a responsible and mature decision of studying civil engineering," Klaudia shares. "That’s where I discovered living without doing art is too miserable, and even if it’s going to be hard, I’d rather spend my life doing what I love."

Comic book cover for Klaudia Robat's “Papatu Para Para Comic Shorts”

From Digital to Traditional

Klaudia’s artistic journey has been a diverse one, encompassing both digital and traditional mediums. 

"I’m a sketchbook gal to the point that even when I was mostly into digital art, my favorite drawing software was called Sketchbook," she explains. 

Despite the discontinuation of her beloved software, Klaudia’s passion for experimentation led her to explore various mediums in her sketchbooks. It was through this exploration that she discovered gouache, a medium that has now become synonymous with her artistry. 

"After years of testing different techniques and tools, I found the best medium for me - gouache," she says.

Gouache warm up sketch by Klaudia Robat using Artistry by Altenew's watercolor tubes

Themes and Inspirations

Drawing from her background in animation and comic creation, Klaudia gravitates towards painting stylized manga-ish characters. "Designing a character and a story is very important to me," she emphasizes. However, her artistic exploration doesn’t stop there. Thanks to gouache, Klaudia has delved into realistic painting studies alongside her anime-inspired creationsWhen it comes to inspiration, Klaudia attributes a significant part of her creative drive to her girlfriend Xuh

"My biggest inspiration for quite some time is my girlfriend Xuh. It started because of her unique art, but then I got to know her and now her whole existence became the main fuel that keeps me consistent and progressing in my art (and life)," Klaudia shares.

An art bin with Artistry by Altenew's watercolor products: Artists' Watercolor 24 Pan Set, Watercolor Tubes, and Watercolor Paper

The Influence of Gouache

Gouache has become Klaudia’s go-to medium, offering her the versatility and freedom she craved after experiencing burnout in the animation industry. 

"I wanted to feel the freedom that I feel when I use painting software. That’s how I fell in love with gouache," she explains. Its portability and adaptability to various surfaces have made gouache an integral part of Klaudia’s artistic expression.

Advice for Aspiring Artists

For beginners eager to explore gouache, Klaudia offers valuable insights. "If you know how to paint using other art supplies (like watercolor or acrylic paints), the only thing left for you to learn to be able to use gouache is how to achieve a good water-to-paint ratio," she advises. 

A close-up shot of watercolor paints from tubes squeezed into little pans

Emphasizing the importance of patience and self-kindness in the learning process, Klaudia recommends focusing on mastering the consistency of gouache through dedicated exercises.

Additionally, she encourages artists to experiment with limited palettes and larger brushes. "I also recommend using bigger synthetic round brushes and trying to do paintings with very few colors - even only two colors and white," Klaudia suggests. Her own experience with limited palettes has led to praise for her color theory skills, proving that creativity knows no bounds when it comes to artistic expression.

A gouache warm up sketch for the cover of “Papatu Para Para Comic Shorts” comic book by Klaudia Robat

Balancing Art and Life

As an artist dedicated to her craft, Klaudia acknowledges the challenges of balancing art with other aspects of life. "Right now I don’t have any obligations other than doing my art, except for commissioned work sometimes. It’s still a struggle," she admits. Maintaining a strict routine and organizational skills are essential for Klaudia, although she also emphasizes the importance of self-compassion and taking breaks when needed.

Words of Wisdom

Reflecting on her journey, Klaudia shares the advice she would give to her younger self.

An anime-style gouache painting by Klaudia Robat, featuring a skinny girl with long hair smiling awkwardly, painted with Artistry's gouache and watercolor tubes

"Be proud of who you are and what you can do. And please finish your projects, don’t wait until 'you’re good enough'!"

Her words encapsulate the resilience and self-belief that have propelled her forward as an artist.

From Pixels to Pigments

Klaudia’s journey exemplifies the profound impact of following one's passion and embracing artistic authenticity. Her story serves as a reminder that true fulfillment lies in pursuing what sets our souls on fire, regardless of the obstacles along the way. To discover more of Klaudia’s captivating work, follow her creative adventures on social media.

Artistry by Altenew is thrilled to showcase Klaudia’s remarkable talent as part of our Meet the Artist Behind the Art series. Stay tuned for more inspiring features as we continue to spotlight extraordinary artists from around the globe.

Remember, the journey of artistry is as diverse as the artists themselves, each weaving a unique narrative through their creations. Embrace your own creative journey and let it unfold with boundless imagination!

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