The Artist Behind the Art: Kalliopi’s Expressive Watercolor Creations

"Walking around, seeing the traffic lights' reflections on the wet roads, watching the leaves' veins under the clear sky, noticing the red-haired lad doing a quick sketch with his blue pen into the train." - Kalliopi Chara, talking about how real life inspires her the most.
A beautiful watercolor painting of a stone cottage

Originally from Greece and presently residing in the captivating city of Edinburgh, Kalliopi gracefully balances the roles of an architect and a watercolor artist. Her artwork possesses the unique ability to transport you directly into the heart of the scenes she paints - you can almost feel the textures and atmosphere!

Through her expressive brush strokes and one-of-a-kind splatters, her watercolor art comes alive; it's almost as if the buildings and landscapes have their own heartbeat within her paintings!

"As long as I can remember, I have loved drawing. Funnily enough, portraits were my favorite subject - now I deliberately avoid them. During my years as a university student, my only contact with sketching was through my architectural drawings. I rediscovered my love of sketching during the pandemic when I decided to experiment with watercolors, which opened a whole new world for me and stole my heart!"

A Beautiful Streets on Hydra Island in Greece Painting

A Beautiful Streets on Hydra Island in Greece Painting

With this revelation of her love for watercolor sketches, she has found her unique voice and style. If you look at her captivating creations, you would recognize them for their "tilted page and blow" technique, as Kalliopi calls it, resulting in beautiful watercolor washes with skies and edges that pop off the page.

"I am mainly drawing buildings. I love exploring human creations around the world over time - I somehow feel like I am diving deeper into the world of architecture. The challenge of capturing each building's materials, textures, highlights, and shadows, along with its surroundings -rural or urban- excites me."

Additionally, social media, particularly Instagram, also fuels her creative drive, connecting her with a global community of artists, illustrators, and visionaries like her. She has a positive community on social media, and following her to bless your feed with the beautiful pieces she makes is a must!

Great Aunt Lizzie’s House in the West Princes Street Gardens Watercolor Painting

A Watercolor Painting of a Cottage in Edinburgh by Kalliopi

Her preferred medium, a harmonious blend of watercolors and ink, brings these architectural wonders to life with a vibrant yet delicate touch. When asked about why she chose this medium to express her creativity, here is her delightful answer: 

"During the first lockdown, I found myself relaxing while watching videos of the beautiful forms the colors take when spreading into the water. This was the main reason I bought my first watercolor set, and it still fascinates me. I also love the fact that watercolors are versatile - they fit into my pencil case when I'm on the go, and they dry relatively fast, so I can make quick everyday drawings."

It's evident that her watercolors are a labor of love - each piece tells a story as she gives us pieces that show how her eyes view the world. Each masterful stroke and detail will make you experience what she has seen, felt, and gone to - they're so vivid and rich!

A Rural Watercolor Scene by Kalliopi

A Rural Watercolor Scene by Kalliopi

When it comes to her creative ambiance, Kalliopi's preferences vary. Yet, silence also finds its place, granting her a quiet space for deep concentration and introspection.

"I am mostly listening to podcasts, or I have old, comfort series playing in the background. However, I often enjoy drawing in complete silence; it helps me concentrate and stay a bit alone with my thoughts after a busy day."

To budding artists who also want to try watercolors like her, Kalliopi offers sage advice: "Keep on practicing and do not be afraid to fail." She emphasizes the value of perseverance and learning from mistakes. "Don't be afraid to do the same sketch over and over again until you're satisfied with the results - practice makes perfect."

A Brick House Watercolor Painting by Kalliopi

A Brick House Watercolor Painting by Kalliopi

In Kalliopi's journey as an artist, architecture, and art intertwine, creating a narrative that stretches across continents and mediums. Her story is a testament to the beauty of rediscovering your passion and the transformative power of watercolors. Through each dynamic wash and composition she creates, she reshapes buildings and places into emotions, inviting us to contemplate the intricate beauty of the world around us. 

Get Inspired by Kalliopi’s Kick-Ass Art!

A Painting of Church of Panagia the Thalassitra in Greece

A Painting of Church of Panagia the Thalassitra in Greece

You can follow Kalliopi on her Instagram, and check out other works on her website.   

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