The Artist Behind the Art: Kailash’s Captivating Cardmaking

"I do believe art has emotions which tie in with a feeling. It is where I draw my inspiration and ideas from." - Kailash, on how she finds inspiration for her craft. 

In the world of arts and crafts, there are individuals who possess a unique talent for creating heartfelt masterpieces that captivate our hearts. Kailash, a gifted cardmaker, is one such artist who has brought joy and beauty into the lives of many through her stunning creations. 

A gorgeous and vibrant card by Kailash featuring red floral die cuts

Red Floral Card by Kailash

Through the art of cardmaking, Kailash shares her creative journey, inspiration, and positive impact with a community of like-minded artists and crafters. Her cards are an absolute joy to behold, and we can only wonder about how blessed the recipients of her cards feel, to have such unique pieces of art dedicated to them! 

"I've had an interest in crafts since childhood. My mom always encouraged my sister and me to fill our time with creative activities. With her assistance, I learnt to knit and do embroidery. I especially loved coloring and was so excited when I had art class in school. I got to express my creativity while playing and having fun." 

When asked about her humble roots, Kailash discovered her deep fascination with crafts from a young age. Nurtured by her supportive mother, she delved into various creative activities that kindled her imagination. Once she discovered the world of paper crafting and cardmaking, there was no turning back! 

A bright rainbow watercolor card with gift tag die cuts and floral shadows

Floral Imprints Card by Kailash

If you ask Kailash what she loves the most about crafting, "It's satisfying and also very therapeutic, especially when I sit and color. I am so immersed in my coloring. I am in my element. "

As many natural-born artists do, Kailash has a talented knack for piecing together simple craft items into something even more extraordinary. Whether her card calls for stamping, layering, die cutting, ink-blending, or even coloring - you can be sure that her results will always astound you. 

"I love working with stamped floral images. It gives me the ability to use various mediums: distress inks are a favorite, coloring pencils, watercolors, and alcohol markers."

One of the greatest joys of paper crafting is the abundance of different kinds of materials and mediums to make projects. With so many various options, what does Kailash use the most for her stunning cardmaking?

"As I love using different mediums, each medium showcases an image unique to the medium used; for example, when using distress inks or alcohol markers to color an image, I can blend a mix of colors and make images come to life."

An extravagant pink baby card featuring a bib die cut and florals

 Pink Baby Card by Kailash

Seeing Kailash's excellent choices of her card's color combinations, we can't help but be inspired by the beautiful creations that her imagination brings. From blues to pink hues, each card design is a masterpiece in its own right! 

"My inspiration comes from my travels around the world. The visual delights of a place like the architecture (shapes, angles), colors (bright, vivid colors make me happy), and the people (emotions).
In addition, my designs are influenced by the very talented Debi Adams. I love her versatility and designs created with her unique out-of-the-box thinking and style!
A pink card featuring cherry blossoms as focal points, accented with a brown bird die cut

Cherry Blossoms Card by Kailash

Thanks to her lovely compositions, Kailash has continued to inspire crafters all over the world, all the while spreading good vibes and love to everyone. We adore the Bible-verse sentiments present on some of her card fronts; they bring a personal touch to her projects! 

After all, cardmaking is a hobby that spreads goodwill and cheer to others - and her crafty pieces of art encourage others to do the same!

"Advice I would give to beginners is, don't overthink it and don't be afraid to try all mediums available. You will eventually lean towards one that you love and enjoy creating with. As in art and in life, "do what makes your heart happy."

A card featuring an ink-blended background with stamped floral images

Sending Love Card by Kailash

By embracing experimentation, one can discover the craft that resonates most deeply with their artistic spirit! Speaking of which, we wondered what type of card Kailash is happy making the most: 

"If I could only make cards for one holiday for the rest of my life, it would be Christmas. The Christmas story is so meaningful and precious that I would love to incorporate the message of hope, peace, and love all year round!"

Overall, Kailash, the passionate cardmaker, breathes life into her artistic creations, infusing them with vibrant colors, emotions, and a touch of her own unique style. Her journey from childhood crafts to become a masterful artist is a testament to the power of pursuing one's passions. Through her exquisite cards, Kailash not only brings beauty into the world but also spreads kindness, leaving an indelible mark on the hearts of those who receive her art.

Get Inspired by Kailash’s Kick-ass Art! 

A card featuring red daisies with blue leaves as a focal point

Red Daisies Card by Kailash

You can follow Kailash on her Instagram, and check out some of her other works.

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  • Jodie Chester

    I am so blessed to be your friend! I cherish the card I received from you when on my journey with cancer.

  • Artistry by Altenew

    Thank you for your comments, Flávia and Michelle! :) We are glad you enjoyed the blog post.

  • Flávia Cavaliéri

    Congratulations Kailash! You’re are a very talented, creative, generous and supportive crafter! Your creations are unique and inspirational!

  • Michelle Peckham

    Congratulations Kailash!! I’ve been a huge admirer of you and your work for awhile now. So happy to call you friend.

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