The Artist Behind the Art: Céline’s Serene Watercolor Art

"Watercolor can be both accessible and challenging at the same time. You can't control the outcome in the same way as with other mediums, and its unpredictability appeals to me." - Céline Nordenhed on why watercolor is her favorite medium. 

A beautiful and minimalist watercolor painting by Celine Nordenhed

Are you looking for the next big artist to gain inspiration from? Allow us to introduce you to Céline, an extraordinary artist based in Sweden whose artistic journey has been a testament to passion, exploration, and the beauty of minimalism.

"I have always been interested in art, design, and architecture and have been creating in various forms since childhood. During art school, I found myself drawn to minimalist aesthetics and to exploring movements and spatiality. 
Today I mainly create abstract nature and botanical paintings in watercolors and acrylics. I use a limited palette of earthy tones and focus on simplicity and serenity, yet with contrasts to create depth and balance."

Céline's mastery of watercolor abstract art is nothing short of breathtaking. With each brushstroke, she captures the essence of nature's harmonious dance, leaving us mesmerized by the fluidity of her creations. The way she effortlessly blends muted tones with touches of black creates an atmosphere of equilibrium and peace - as if time slows down in the presence of her art.

A gorgeous and minimalistic watercolor painting by Celine Nordenhed

If you ask Celine where she gets her inspiration from, nature, in all its splendor, is her answer. As a country girl, nature's beauty surrounds her, and it weaves its way into her art seamlessly. 

"I find most of my inspiration in nature; I live in the countryside and am always surrounded by nature's beauty. I'm also inspired by other artists and by architecture, where minimalism is the main expression."

Céline's art has been molded by the work of many abstract painters who have left an indelible mark on her artistic soul. She draws inspiration from the likes of Jean Degottex, Hideaki Yamanobe, Katja Lang, and Carola Kastman, who have mastered the art of minimalism. Their ability to express so much with so little has influenced her own artistic approach. 

When asked what medium she prefers to use in her art, watercolor offers her a fluid and spontaneous canvas. 

A minimalistic watercolor artwork by Celine Nordenhed

"When I started painting again after having children, I needed to find an art form that was easy to pick up and put away in order to keep up with creating amidst daily life. That's when I discovered watercolors and became completely hooked. Previously, I had mostly worked with egg tempera and oil paints. 
Although it's fantastic to be engaged in long creative processes, it doesn't always align well with everyday life. Watercolor can be both accessible and challenging at the same time. You can't control the outcome in the same way as with other mediums, and its unpredictability appeals to me."

On the other hand, acrylics provide her with control and structure when she craves stability and focus.

"When I want to work with a medium that's easier to control, I turn to acrylics. Sometimes, I need a break from the demands of watercolors, and then it's refreshing to explore and play with acrylics. It can also be very satisfying to work with a medium where you can start over whenever you want and be more focused on the process than the result."

Her keen eye for detail, coupled with her impeccable sense of arrangement, creates a harmonious symphony of colors and shapes that appeals to the senses. With such mastery over watercolors, we just had to know Céline's secrets to beautiful artwork as a beginner: 

"If you are a beginner, I believe it is a good idea to avoid getting bogged down in details. Paint with broad strokes and try to capture movements, directions, and volumes. 
Practice makes perfect, so it is better to lower expectations and engage in a bit of creativity every day rather than wait for the right inspirational moment. 

And if you feel stuck, switch the medium, technique, or why not even your dominant hand? As a right-handed person, I made significant progress when I started drawing sketches with my left hand for a couple of weeks."

A stunning and minimalistic watercolor artwork made by Celine Nordenhed

With such sound advice, even beginners would be inspired to tame the unruly nature of watercolors! For our last question with Celine, we wanted to know her dream collaboration because it is definitely OUR dream to collaborate with her! 

"If I could indulge in a dream collaboration with an artist, it would be with the Swedish abstract painter Hilma af Klint. Not only did she push the boundaries of abstract art, but she is also an important female voice in the art scene. And, of course, her interpretation of the botanical world is just magical with the flowing lines and balanced compositions."

Indeed, if such a tandem were to happen, the synergy between Céline's minimalist aesthetics and Hilma's flowing lines and balanced compositions would be nothing short of magical! 

A breathtaking watercolor artwork of some botanicals

Overall, Céline's watercolor abstracts are like portals to a realm of pure serenity. Her subjects, earthy palettes, and clean compositions show that her art is born from a deep connection to nature's beauty. Through her brushes, she shares that connection with us, infusing our lives with a much-needed sense of calmness and repose. 

Get Inspired by Céline’s Captivating Art! 

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