The Artist Behind the Art: Allison and Her Adventurous Illustrations

“Failure is how we grow as artists. It’s how we see what isn’t working and discover how to do it right. Creating art is like solving a jigsaw puzzle. Sometimes you have to figure out which pieces don’t fit together before you find the ones that do. There’s no shame in failing, only growth.” - Allison’s advice to beginners.

If there’s one word that best describes Allison’s animated and whimsical illustrations, it would be cozy. Cozy in the sense that she sees the good in her daily life and finds the magic in it.

"The Nightmare Before Christmas" by Allison

Allison's Version of "The Nightmare Before Christmas"

“Sometimes this means painting a whole page of jams and jellies just because it’s delicious, and other times this means adding a darling little dragon to the shoulder of a young baker in a painting. To me, a painting doesn’t have to be what actually exists in the real world, but how we feel in the real world.”

It is already an understatement to say that Allison is an amazing and magical artist. Still, there is something even more enthralling when we dive deep into her inspirations and artistic beginnings.

We knew we were in for a treat from the moment we saw her drawings and then read her perspective on art. 

For starters, Allison says she’s always been a creative kid. Even as she’s dealing with chronic illness, art has always been her primary outlet, passion, and comfort.

“I was no stranger to illness, but art was always something I could do even when I wasn’t feeling well. It was a hobby that I always had access to, and it’s now a career I can manage while dealing with chronic illness.”

A scene from Princess Mononoke by Allison

"A Scene from Princess Mononoke" by Allison

Allison recalls her very first canvas was her nursery room’s walls.  By age 8, she had begun taking pointers from two high school art students willing to share their knowledge and love for the arts. 

From then on, Allison continued to learn and collaborate with artists by attending art camps. This early introduction to the supportive art community convinced her that an artist is never truly self-taught.

“Meeting like-minded creatives in all sorts of different artistic fields was so eye-opening for me. At that point, I understood that art is not competition. It’s learning from those farther along than you and guiding those less experienced. The art community is a big, beautiful collaboration. “

Speaking of learning, she names Golden-Age illustrators like J.C. Leyendecker and Norman Rockwell and contemporary artists like Loish and Devin Elle Kurtz as her inspirations. 

Mixed-media art by Allison"Watching in Wonder" by Allison

But for Allison, Chris Hong is the most influential artist in her life, and it is not just because her illustrations speak to her—she found comfort in Hong’s candidness.

“She’s so willing to share her struggles as an artist. Listening to her admit when she wasn’t happy with her art, the anxieties of running an art business, and the sad realities of creative burnout have always made me feel less alone as an artist. I believe artists should be willing to share the struggles of creating as well as the joys.”  

Allison’s illustrations often evoke a feeling of joy, whimsy, and nostalgia in us, and it’s probably because her inspirations are rooted in none other than her wonder for life.

“My biggest source of inspiration is, simply put, life. My faith in Christ is the most important thing in my life, and I love to be out and about in what He created.”
“Pulling inspiration from nature’s many colors, and animals, and foliage. Seeking inspiration from the people I meet to create new characters. Finding joy in simple things like impromptu ice cream trips or grocery shopping can inspire new illustrations! Again, it all comes back to coziness for me.” 

 As to how she breathes life into her whimsical art, Allison shares she chooses whatever best conveys the ideas and emotions she has envisioned.

A personal illustration by Allison

"From the Chaos to the Calm" by Allison

“I would definitely consider myself to be a mixed media artist through and through. I really try to choose mediums that best convey the ideas and emotions of an illustration. Sometimes a piece needs to be fully gouache. Other times it needs a little bit of colored pencil and a splash of watercolor.” 

Allison’s art is indeed cozy and joyful, but her story and growth as an artist and individual are nothing short of magical. Through her work, what would have been mundane slices of life are given extra helpings of wonder, sentimentality, and an overall homeyness.

Get Cozy and Inspired with Allison’s Art!

Check out more of Allison’s magical illustrations on Instagram! You can also join her in her artistic journey on YouTube.

A bookstore illustration by Allison

"The Book-Nook" by Allison

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