The Artist Behind the Art: Sakshi’s Ode to the Outdoors

 "Don't listen to others; follow what your heart says. Follow your passion!" - Sakshi's advice to her younger self. 

Sakshi Sonal, a rising 22-year-old artist, is staying true to her path of becoming a full-time artist - and we're all glad that she has pursued this dream because we get to enjoy her beautiful artwork! 

An acrylic painting of a seascape on 6x6 canvas

Sakshi's seaside painting on a 6x6 canvas

Her works are similar to what she paints - like a fresh breath of air on a captivating sunny day. Featuring stunning representational landscapes, such as seascapes and sunsets, Sakshi's art has captured the essence of being in nature. If Mother Nature could speak, she'd thank Sakshi for portraying all the best and most stunning parts of her so well! 

"Being a landscape artist, I find most of my inspiration from nature itself. Everything around me inspires me to paint and create more and more. The clouds, the trees alongside the road, water flowing down the canals, the setting of the sun, and the rays shining from far behind during a sunrise.” 

A beautiful gouache painting of a landscape

Sakshi's Landscape Bookmark Part 3, gouache on a bookmark pad

Sakshi paints many gorgeous pieces, but her work on landscapes and sceneries are some of the best we’ve seen!

“While walking down the road, I try to notice the shape, form, shades, and hues present in nature and create a mental note, which helps me a lot when I sit down to paint and create realistic paintings."

A gorgeous seascape scenery painted with acrylic medium on 6x6 canvas

Sakshi's artistic pursuits began when she was a kid. Coming from a family of creative creators, it's no wonder this 22-year-old was born with the hands and heart of an artist.

"I've been into art since forever. That's one of the perks of belonging to a family of artisans and potters, kumhars as we call them, in our community. The ability to create was innate in me, but I really grew up with my art in the past four years."

A lovely gouache painting of a seascape with calm waves and smooth rocks

A soothing seascape painting by Sakshi

In her artistic growth, Sakshi has learned to master gouache and acrylic. Despite being a challenging medium to master, this young talent has proved that she can achieve anything she puts her mind to with dedication and practice. 

"I was unaware of the existence of gouache colors until four years back and fell in love the moment I first tried it. My favorite thing about gouache colors is the result it gives in the end - the matte finish and crisp texture of the painting, highlighting every brush stroke."

A stunning gouache painting of flower fields during a sunsetSakshi's painting of flower fields, using gouache

When asked about her advice for artists who are trying out gouache for the first time, Sakshi emphasizes practice and optimism. 

"Many people find working with gouache a bit difficult, and I'm not gonna lie, it is a little bit tricky. Gouache works best when you're working in layers, as many layers as you can pour, provided that the first layer is completely dried before you paint the second one. Rest depends on how patient you are and practice, of course!"

However, Sakshi's creative touch extends beyond acrylic and gouache. She also works with oils, pop arts, sculpture, clay, and other DIY crafts. 

Alongside her art, Sakshi's ambition ranges further. When she is not painting or working on her art, Sakshi is pursuing a postgraduate Master in Psychology. Indeed, this combination of artistic talent and academic ambition makes her a true force to be reckoned with, and we can only imagine the great things she will accomplish in the future. 

Get Inspired by Sakshi’s Exquisite Art! A beautiful 3D painting of a moon by Sakshi

Sakshi's 3D Moon Painting

You can follow Sakshi on her Instagram, and check out some of her other homeware works.   

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