Why You Should Keep a Daily Sketchbook

"Drawing takes time. A line has time in it." – David Hockney.

David Hockney couldn't have defined sketching better than with this quote. In sketching and drawing, you preserve moments of time with every stroke, line, shape, and shade. Whether it's a unique idea, model, or memory, all the natural and abstract snippets from our lives are preserved in a sketchbook. That is the true magic of sketching, which we'll be exploring today.

A sketchbook page featuring a drawing of a dragon

Monochrome Shading Pencils

If you're an artist dabbling in all sorts of mediums, chances are, you have a handy sketchbook or journal that takes hold of all your messiest ideas. While our canvasses hold our masterpieces, sketchbooks are the place where our art is born. If you don't already have one, then keep on reading because today, we'll be discussing why you need a sketchbook in your life - and some fun sketchbook prompts to get you started!

What’s a Sketchbook and What Do You Use It For? 

A sketchbook is a notebook that you use to record your visual projects, random bursts of ideas, and daily inspirations. It's a place where you can experiment with different techniques, record observations, and plan out more extensive projects. 

Sketchbooks come in many sizes - from pocket-sized notebooks to larger, hardcover books, and can be filled with artwork using various mediums such as pencil, ink, paint, and collage. While sketchbooks are often used to practice and refine your drawing skills, they can also be a visual diary of your creative journey and storage of all your ideas, big or small. Whether you're a beginner or a professional artist, a sketchbook can be a valuable tool for developing your creativity and improving your artistic skills! 

A sketchbook page full of animal sketches such as birds and eagles

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Top Benefits of Keeping a Sketchbook as an Artist

There are many benefits to keeping a sketchbook. If you're still wondering whether to invest in one, then let these reasons convince you: 

Improves Your Creativity and Imagination 

Having a daily sketchbook can help provide you with endless ideas! You can gain inspiration from anything you see and think of. Getting a sketchbook makes you naturally more observant of your surroundings as you try to find new subjects, techniques, and topics to draw about. Not only that, sketching allows you to be less strict about your artistic method and process! 

A watercolor painting sketch of a guitar on the floor

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Helps You Develop Your Artistic Skills 

You know what they say - practice makes permanent! Making sketching a daily habit not only widens your imagination but also helps improve your drawing skills. Many artists believe that the key to great artwork starts with sketching, and they're right! Once you master sketching, you'll notice your projects getting better. After all, sketches are like blueprints. They guide you towards a larger goal!  

Provides a Record of Your Growth and Progress 

Wouldn't you like a record of how you have grown as an artist? Sketchbooks can document your progress daily as you use them to practice new mediums, techniques, and subjects. You can look back at old sketches and compare them to your current work, seeing the progress you've made and the areas you still need to improve. 

A drawing of a fish with some text

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Additionally, having a record of your growth and progress can be incredibly motivating, as it helps you see the tangible results of your hard work and dedication to your art!     

Stores Your Ideas and Eureka Moments

Have you ever experienced having a great idea, forgetting to jot it down, then feeling frustrated about not remembering it? Well, sketchbooks are the answer! When inspiration strikes, capturing it before it's lost is essential. A sketchbook provides a dedicated space to store these ideas and helps prevent them from slipping away.

A page of sketches with butterflies, insects, and flowers

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Moreover, sketchbooks allow for the exploration and development of new ideas. By jotting down initial concepts and sketches, you can develop and refine your starting ideas, solidify them in your mind, and make it easier to build upon them in the future. 

Fun Sketchbook Prompts for Beginners

Two pages of sketched drawings on a side by side layout


If you're looking to start your own sketchbook drawings, then let us help you get started with these sketchbook prompts you'll surely enjoy! 

  • Self-portrait
  • Favorite food
  • Most recent memory
  • A scenery you pass by daily 
  • An anime character
  • Portrait series of your loved ones
  • A fantasy world inspired by your imagination
  • Make a book cover
  • Flowers and foliage
  • A scene inspired by a color palette
  • Artists
  • Visualizing poetry into images 
  • Give emotions a tangible form

Start Your Sketching Journey Today!

All in all, keeping a daily sketchbook can be a great way to quench your creative thirst! Whether you’re tackling an abstract work or an architectural illustration, there is no wrong way to sketch – all that matters is that it comes from your heart. 

A sketchbook page featuring some watercolored flowers

Watercolor Paint

With practice and dedication, you will create works of art that astound you. So grab those paints and pencils, break out the watercolors and gouache, and get ready to explore your inner artist. You never know what stunning works will come your way! If you need some help getting started or want to check out some fresh ideas, be sure to take a peek at our Meet the Artist Behind the Art– we have lots of inspiring stories and art project ideas!

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