The Artist Behind the Art: Zaisha’s Whimsical Watercoloring

"I remember feeling very happy. I ran to show my mother and told her, 'I feel like I'm a big artist!' She said, "you ARE an artist, dear!" - Zaisha, recounting her first experience creating art. 

A beautiful acrylic painting of clouds by Zaisha is a great painting idea for artists!

Cloudy Sky, Gouache Artwork by Zaisha

Coming from the beautiful town of Chennai, Zaisha Iqbal, a watercolor artist, has been putting the "wow" factor in her art. Self-taught with a gifted hand, she is taking the watercolor world by storm with her dreamy landscapes, florals, and sky paintings. 

"I love painting florals as well as skies. I think every time I get flowers or see a pretty sky,
I want to be able to recreate it and preserve it!"

If watercolor and acrylic painting were a language, Zaisha would be one of its most fluent speakers! Her stunning brush strokes and lively color palettes are like poetry for the eyes. 

A stunning watercolor painting of a flower to inspire your own masterpieces today!

Sunflowers, Watercolor Painting by Zaisha

This incredible artist began to pick up her palette when she was a child and has persevered at her work, despite maintaining an education in another field. 

"Although I did my education in finance and healthcare, art has always been something I kept learning by myself. As a child, my friends and I used to sit and paint. We used to have so much fun painting and creating something new. While most of my friends did not continue creating, I managed to keep art as an important part of my life!"

True to her roots, viewing Zaisha's paintings is like looking at the world through the eyes of a young child, seeing beauty in the world - innocent, pure, and nostalgic. Her gorgeous work on book pages is impressive, bridging the gap between using words and images to create art.

A watercolor painting of some sunflowers by Zaisha

Watercolor 36 Pan Set

When asked about the most significant influences on her work, Zaisha's artistic nature runs close to home, as she recounts her family being her greatest motivators, supporters, and inspiration. 

"Both my grandmothers were artists, and I always admired their paintings. I always hoped to be able to paint like them!"

Despite her mastery of watercolors, Zaisha recognizes the critical role of continually growing as an artist by playing and learning how to use other mediums. 

"As much as I am confident and comfortable in watercolors, I prefer mixing mediums and experimenting with new mediums in my artwork. I also enjoy painting abstracts!"

A gouache paint artwork by Zaisha of a beautiful road pavement

Road Pavement, Gouache Painting by Zaisha

Zaisha has a touching answer: "I think watercolors work best for me as it brings out quick results. It also can be reactivated and used for a long, long time. The one thing I love most about it is the way it forms patterns and textures on paper. Also, the way it instantly adds beauty to any kind of painting."

Her advice to beginners? "Don't worry about the outcome. Enjoy the process, and soon you'll be able to control and create your desired results."

Her favorite color palettes are shades of blue and pastel shades, as evident in her flower and landscape works. For Zaisha, creating for others is best done with calming music, while designing for herself is best done by watching a series or a movie.

One can wonder how imaginative she can be when she thinks up these gorgeous paintings while listening to the funny antics of Chanandler Bong on Friends! 

A gouache version of Vincent Van Gogh's Starry night by Zaisha

Van Gogh's Starry Night, Gouache Art by Zaisha

Indeed, the art world is blessed to have a painter like Zaisha contributing to its evergreen pool of talent. As for Zaisha and her artworks, may she continue portraying Mother Nature in all her best angles and shots. We can't wait to see more from this budding young artist and teacher! 

Get Inspired by Zaisha’s Dazzling Art!

You can follow Zaisha on her Instagram @_.her.colourful.palette._, and check out her other art account.   

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