The Artist Behind the Art: Aleksandra’s Perfect Portraits

"I absolutely love painting and drawing faces. I enjoy the process of figuring out which features are crucial for an accurate portrait of the person and what makes them special." - Aleksandra, on what subjects she gravitates the most towards.

When it comes to creating the best portrait artwork, perfection doesn't just lie in how precise you depict the human anatomy but in how you capture a person's essence. And no one can manage that better than 24-year-old artist Aleksandra Pender. 

Originating from Poland, Aleksandra's creative journey began long into her childhood. Despite being enrolled in med school, her passion for art never waivered, as her heart always found solace in the strokes of her brush. 

A beautifully vibrant pastel portrait artwork by Aleksandra Pender

"I was always that artsy kid, who made all the posters, decorations, etc., for school events and in primary school took part in every art contest. Art always was an essential part of my life. I don't have any formal training or art education; actually, now I'm completing my final year of med school. At some point, I was considering studying fine arts, but in the end, I decided that I would rather have it as a hobby than a career. I think it could kill the joy I have from making art."

One look at Aleksandra's artwork, and you'll be drawn into a world where faces come alive on the canvas. Her proficiency in capturing the intricacies of the human face through her artistry is genuinely remarkable. Each mark, color, and dab of paint breathes life into her subjects. While she occasionally paints animals, it's the human face that holds her heart captive.

A cute gouache painting of a cat by Aleksandra Pender

Cat Painting by Aleksandra

When asked about her favorite go-to mediums, she currently holds mastery over soft pastels and gouache. However, she is not confined to just one medium - Aleksandra has proven herself as a multi-faceted artist who continuously seeks opportunities for growth.

"Throughout all these years, I tried out almost every medium: watercolors, acrylics, alcohol markers, charcoal, and color pencils."

Looking at the gorgeous array of artwork on her feed, you may wonder what, or rather, who inspires her to pick up her pencil and start creating masterpieces. 

A stunning BTS portrait artwork by Aleksandra Pender

Taehyung Fan Art by Aleksandra

"Definitely BTS. I guess it's obvious to every K-pop fan when they see my Instagram account. I drew tens, if not hundreds, of their portraits. Seeing their new content always inspires me to create something on my own. I think they are the main reason I was able to keep running my account for so long. It also helped me to reach some audience. I suppose that most people who follow me are K-pop fans or other fan artists."

Indeed, she has created a community of art lovers and admirers through her mesmerizing depictions of Seokjin, Jungkook, Jimin, and other BTS members. 

One of Aleksandra Pender's BTS fan art made with gouache and pastels

Seokjin Fan Art by Aleksandra

Apart from that, Aleksandra's approach to art is refreshingly spontaneous. She scours through social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest, seeking that one image that sparks her creativity. It's not always about searching for specific subjects; often, it's a random photo that triggers her artistic impulse. Her art flows with a natural ease, guided by her intuition.

"Usually, I just scroll through Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest looking for reference pictures. Sometimes I look for a picture of a specific person or pose, but mostly, I just randomly see a photo and think, 'Yes, I wanna draw that', then I just go with the flow." 

A lovely BTS fan art of Yeonjun by Aleksandra Pender

Like many of us who had no formal art education, Aleksandra also started as a beginner who had to learn the ropes herself. Looking back on her growth now to when she first started, here are some tips she graciously shared:

"As I mentioned, nowadays I use mostly soft pastels and gouache paints and honestly can't decide which one I like better. Soft pastels are great for quick sketches. I use the ones in pans and apply them with sponges for that loose and kind of messy effect. My advice: be ready for the mess, I mean it. The pastel dust will be everywhere. Choose a bigger size of paper and relax your wrist for loose strokes. 

When it comes to gouache, I love that they can be easily reactivated with water, so I can leave the painting even for weeks and then continue it using the same palette, not wasting any paint. With gouache, you can play with coverage and, in contrast to watercolors, easily repaint something. The mayor rule: from thin to thick. Your first layers should be watery, just like watercolors. With every next layer, use less and less water so you don't dissolve the ones underneath."

Overall, Aleksandra's journey is a testament to the power of passion, creativity, and balance. Amid her medical studies, she has carved out a niche for herself in the art world. As she continues her journey, we eagerly anticipate the masterpieces that will undoubtedly make their way to museums and galleries someday!

A beautiful fan art sketch of Game of Thrones by Aleksandra Pender

House of the Dragon Fan Art by Aleksandra

Get Inspired by Aleksandra’s Awe-Inspiring Art!

You can follow Aleksandra on her Instagram, and check out other works on her page.   

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